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    Investing has always been a tricky business but this audiobook makes it a lot easier.

    Before the strategy of value investing was developed, investors were at the risk of losing a lot of money on investments. As it turns out, most of them did. Even though a lot of them had studied expert profile management, they still suffered from huge losses. This pushed many investors to find a new way of investing and this pursuit birthed the value investing strategy.This type of investing focused more on loss minimization instead of profit maximization. This new method of investing changed the entire industry.

    In The Intelligent Investor, you will learn the successful strategy of value investing. You’ll be informed of how it works and how to implement it immediately. This audiobook will guide you step-by-step on how to intelligently invest your money to minimize loss and thus consistently secure a profit.

    ©2019 Piotr Wieczorek (P)2020 Piotr Wieczorek

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