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    Arah's exciting journey into the world of magic continues.

    Part two of the successful fantasy adventure book series for girls, boys, and adults.

    After the master has returned the magic to nature, peace and forgetting spread over the land. Arah returns to Gelderland, where she, like everyone else, has forgotten that she has ever left. Hielm and the exorcists are gone. All hate has disappeared, and when refugees from Guldin arrived, they were welcomed warmheartedly.

    Arah and Phinn quickly become friends and go on adventures together. They travel to Guldin together and make amazing discoveries there. When suddenly a miniature dragon appears and messes Arah’s life up completely, the girl slowly becomes suspicious. More and more, the magic returns to her life, and without her noticing, the adventure continues. Arah wants to know and understand everything, and when she finally gets the opportunity to get her memories back, she does not hesitate....

    Accompany Arah on her adventures and in search of her destiny. Magical items, magical beasts, and miniature dragons will be her companions on the adventure of her life.

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    Nature’s Magic

    1. The Unsuspecting Witch
    2. The Inquisitive Witch
    ©2019 Marlene Beer (P)2019 Marlene Beer

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