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    Reinvent yourself and grow radical influence.  

    What if you got heard, and became visible in a seemingly noisy online world from day one of your new idea? Imagine yourself having a worldwide influence in your industry, profession, or life. What if you could grow universal influence and drive winning collaborations?  

    Ryan Williams is a former standup comedian, author, and podcast host. In the past three years, on the Stories From The Influencer Economy podcast, he's interviewed more than 100 influencers who have built ideas Online such as: Seth Godin, Brad Feld, Derek Sivers, Troy Carter, Jemele Hill, Kevin Kelly, and many others. In the audiobook, he explains how influence is a learned and acquired skill and how your influence can be honed and crafted over time. Williams answers the question: what are the secrets to grow your influence?  

    In The Influencer Economy, Williams reveals his eight key business philosophies on how to:

    • Craft a big vision grows your influence
    • Lead with influence by embracing your personality edge
    • Collaborate with influential people you've never met
    • Give with purpose to help others succeed
    • Strive for an authentic voice for your life
    • Form emotional bonds with customers to create lifelong value
    • Grow your power network through influencer collaborations
    • Pivot your career and reinvent your outlook on life 

    As a human guinea pig, experimenting on himself, Williams teaches others to find their big idea, leverage their personality edge and deliver an authentic message for winning collaborations.  

    Buy this audiobook NOW to launch, collaborate, and grow your influence to reinvent yourself!

    ©2016 Foster Publishing (P)2018 Ryan J Williams


    “In an age when a big idea can be launched - and a big industry shaken up - with nothing more than a laptop, The Influencer Economy offers a blueprint for how to do it. If you want to understand the way the world works now, this is a must read.” (Willie Geist, host NBC’s TODAY and MSNBC’s Morning Joe)

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