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    One crew takes the long route, sleeping for 1,000 years, in secret, on a ship called The Human Frontier

    The other crew set off hundreds of years later, at hyper speed. 

    When the sleepers wake as they approach the planet, the hyper-speed crew have been living there for 300 years already - and they have no clue the ‘sleepers’ are about to arrive. 

    Part One: Possibility of Life

    Two awakenings. One is unexpected, the other is a dire emergency. One brings love. Both bring danger. This is the voyage of The Human Frontier.

    Part Two: Nowhere Near Neptune

    There’s a world called Triton. Its people have a long history of struggle and suffering. And they’ve never heard of The Human Frontier.

    Part Three: Machine Minds

    Anna Swift discovers the secret future history of Earth. And Triton discovers the secret past of The Human Frontier.

    Part Four: Control

    Is it the Tritons, Nilly, Planet Five...? Who is in control? And what does the future hold for The Human Frontier?

    Director: Nicholas Briggs

    Producer: Emma Haigh

    Executive Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

    The Human Frontier is a trademark of Red Raygun Ltd. 

    ©2020 Big Finish Productions (P)2020 Big Finish Productions

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