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    Unearth the incredible history of one of South America’s most beautiful countries.

    Colombia is an amazing country with a rich history, vibrant geography, and diverse people - now, in this audiobook, you’ll uncover a profound and insightful exploration of this fascinating country, packed with detailed insights and interesting facts. Covering everything from the early history and development to colonization and Colombia’s long journey to its place as a republic in the 21st century, this comprehensive guide is perfect for anyone looking to study this extraordinary country.

    Offering an exploration of the natural beauty and geographic elements of Colombia, this book also examines the country’s economy and exports, the advances in science and technology which the country’s scientists and doctors have pioneered, and the past and present governments who have built the groundwork to launch Colombia into the future.

    Colombia is a fascinating country with a rich story to tell. The History of Colombia is ideal for any fan of South America and world history, offering a powerful exploration of Colombia’s past, present, and possible future.

    Buy now to unearth the history of Colombia today!

    ©2020 David Robbins (P)2020 David Robbins

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