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    Two sisters, two years apart, two different gifts. 

    Everyone thought Pam and Karen lived a very normal life but little did they know that behind the scenes, it was anything but normal. Sisters being two years apart, they were opposite in many ways but their connection to each other and the other dimensions takes the listener on a real-life chilling journey. 

    Through their eyes, you will experience terrifying premonitions, ghostly encounters, and demonic attacks that they endured starting at age three, going through life beginning with the innocent apparition of what they thought was Popeye to the most demonic spirit attacks. 

    Going through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when most of the world was given “Shelter-in-place” orders, Pam and Karen were gifted with the time to write and share the stories they have wanted for years to share with others. These sisters and first-time authors will capture the experiences

    ©2020 Pamela Mandel, Karen Pena (P)2020 Pamela Mandel, Karen Pena

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