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The Haunting of Langdon House

Autor: Carrie Bates
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 19 Min.

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The Langdon house is the perfect place for Bobby and Hannah's restaurant. They dream of an upscale restaurant with a specialty menu and set to work on renovating the old house.

But the house has other plans. Hannah soon finds herself in a nightmare that she can't wake up from, because she isn't asleep. She sees horrifying visions of a past tragedy, hears loud cries but no one is around, and that awful smell - the smell that is putrid and never goes away.

The Langdon house wants them gone and will do whatever it needs to. Although the owner is long gone, he's never really left, and unless Bobby and Hannah get out now, they will fall victim to the legacy of the Langdon house.

©2018 Carrie Bates (P)2018 Carrie Bates

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