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    For Isabella, going to a biker gang's territory would prove to be one of the best decisions. When she accidentally walks in, she meets Caleb and Dimitri, two ho biker gang leaders. They're both extremely attractive, but they also house some secrets. When she accidentally breaks a trophy, she's left with the choice: either death, or stay with them.

    She chooses to stay, thinking she'll be a victim of her lot. However, as they row closer, she learns the truth - that they're not all that different. Of course, this still leads her to wonder if maybe, just maybe, things will change between them for the better. Will Isabella stay when given the chance? Or will she leave this whenever possible and go back to the life that she had beforehand, the comfort that she was used to? Find out in this thrilling and adventurous biker romance between a young female and two badass biker leaders.

    Warning: These stories are super-hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This audiobook is intended for adult ears only!

    ©2017 Bethany Dayna (P)2017 Bethany Dayna

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