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    Purpose is the know-why. And in today’s day and age, your know-why is the new know-how. But understanding, articulating, and knowing your purpose is about more than knowledge. It represents the intellectual essence of your very raison d’être and acts as a catalyst for positive growth from within. 

    The Guiding Purpose Strategy is a stimulating deep dive into the transformational power of purpose. Looking through the lens of contemporary brand management, The Guiding Purpose Strategy provokes fresh thinking, illustrates through case studies, and offers a hands-on framework to start your very own path toward finding your inner why. Building on 20-plus years of experience of working with and for some of the most successful brands, including Harley-Davidson and Aston Martin, global financial services firms, governments, charities, and startups around the world, this fully updated and extended edition of The Guiding Purpose Strategy pushes the boundaries even further.

    Select contributions from brilliant minds in academia and seasoned executives allow for an even richer expansion of thinking and learning. Brands, businesses, and people with clarity of purpose are changing the world for the better. Welcome on board to a journey of discovery and knowledge for professional and personal growth!

    ©2017, 2020 Markus Kramer (P)2020 Markus Kramer

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