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The Great White Red Alert

Save Our Seas Adventures
Spieldauer: 50 Min.

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"This is a Red Alert. This is not a test..."

Pirates are defying international laws and killing Great White sharks off South Africa's coast. Tyler and Alena Worthy are scuba diving in Santa Barbara when they get the emergency call. The twins head up the Aquatic Investigative unit of the Save Our Seas Foundation. Their mission: help preserve the fragile environmental balance in the world's oceans no matter where it takes them, now matter how dangerous the mission is. They have the help of local SOS members, a hydroplace full of high-tech gadgets, their personal submarine, and their scubadiving dog Brutus. In seas swirling with more Great Whites than they've ever seen, the AI team confronts the outlaws, who are led by a mysterious person known only as Poison Flower. But which do they need to fear most, the pirates, or the sharks?

©2013 Geoffrey Williams (P)2013 Wild Voices

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