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The Great Book of Pub Trivia: Hilarious Pub Quiz & Bar Trivia Questions

Trivia Quiz Books, Volume 2
Autor: Bill O'Neill
Sprecher: Mike Alger
Serie: Trivia Quiz Series, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 37 Min.

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Have no fear! The Great Book of Pub Trivia Volume 2 is finally here, and it’s the perfect companion for game nights, fun family times, fun evenings with friends, or just reading to brush up on your pub trivia knowledge. These trivia questions will get your brain working, that’s for sure. You’ll get instant access to fun quizzes covering different topics such as film, politics, science, history, fashion, and many more.  

You’ll get a taste of quizzes like:  

This is a character in Star Wars and one of the villains in the franchise.

He was Darth Sidious' first apprentice and a Sith Lord. He has quite a shocking appearance, with black and red skin, yellow eyes, and horns. He survived death in The Phantom Menace, killed Obi-Wan Kenobi's love interest, and formed a group of crime lords called the Shadow Collective.  

What was this character’s name?

Almost half of the world’s population speaks one of only 10 languages as their mother tongue.

Mandarin is the most spoken language with 1.2 billion speakers, Spanish is the second-most spoken language, then followed by English. What is the fourth-most spoken language on the planet? It is the official language of the government of India, and it is also a recognized language in Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname. Name this language.  

He is one of the most iconic villains in film and television, who we first met in the 1952 novel Psycho, by Robert Bloch.

The character is psychotic and has dissociative identity disorder. He also suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations. His delusions made him think he was his mother and that she was controlling him to kill people. The character was inspired by notorious serial killer Ed Gein.  

What is this character’s name?

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