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The Gratitude Book

A Compendium of Commentary, Quotes, and Tips About How Gratitude Can Help and Inspire You
Sprecher: Alex Freeman
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 32 Min.

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Feeling gratitude and expressing thanks to others is extremely important both for one's satisfaction and for better relationships with others. It involves having a positive outlook, accepting what is now, when you can't make any changes, being grateful for others' help, and giving to others. As The Gratitude Book describes, this outlook on life can take many forms, from gratitude for one's home and possessions to one's skills, job opportunities, business achievements, and relationships. In turn, this positive attitude not only makes people feel better by focusing on what they have and not on what they lack, but it helps them have better relationships by allying with others with a similar positive and self-affirming outlook.

The Gratitude Book provides a broad overview of the many facets of gratitude by combining commentary and quotes, and it concludes with a section on the tips and techniques for using gratitude in own life. The chapters include these topics:

  • The value of gratitude and expressing it
  • Gratitude about yourself
  • Gratitude and happiness, relationships, appreciation, and saying thanks
  • Gratitude and achievement, contentment, acceptance, learning and experience
  • Gratitude and faith, abundance, future benefits, and giving
  • Gratitude and having a positive attitude, appreciating life, and humility
  • And more

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