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    Skharr wants a break. He needs a break in his life, and a quiet trip back to Verenvan. It doesn't look like that is going to happen.

    An old god might be making waves in a dungeon that has laid undisturbed for centuries. No one wants that to happen, so Skharr is asked by a local temple of Theros to get involved.

    Unfortunately, the temple does not have many resources to offer him. The one paladin who happens to be nearby is on a sabbatical. And she has definitely heard of the Barbarian of Theros.

    It's Skharr, a paladin on sabbatical, and three mercenaries who are just along for the treasure against what most likely will be power beyond a DeathEater's ability to handle.

    Not one to shy away from danger, Skharr and Horse aim their path back to Verenvar.

    They just need to find and kill an old god...and not die before they get there.

    ©2021 LMBPN Publishing (P)2021 Tantor

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