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    Nearly everyone has someone in their circle of acquaintances who struggles - an out-of-control friend or relative whose habits or relationships are in chaos. Is there any hope, or is he or she doomed to self-destruction?

    Pastors Rob Cowles and Matt Roberts say God is equal to the challenge! New beginnings are possible, no matter how broken, devastated, or crazy someone’s life may be. Yet, today’s churches don’t do messy very well.

    The Genesis Project is a network of believers whose goal is to plant churches in dark places, targeting people who don’t normally “do” church. Reaching drug addicts, convicts, strippers, and gang members, they’ve seen God do some amazing things with seemingly hopeless lives. The God of New Beginnings tells these dramatic stories, offering practical wisdom for breaking through the darkness in a person’s life:

    • Pursuing real relationships    
    • Opening up true stories    
    • Pulling together safe communities    
    • Getting honest about sin    
    • Extending God’s forgiveness and freedom    
    • Helping people reset their lives and habits    
    • Coping with ongoing complications    
    • Not giving up when setbacks occur    
    • Freely sharing the victories    
    • Keeping the faith life simple 

    Love never fails. And when we incorporate God’s love into our lives and relationships, redemption is possible.

    ©2018 Matt Roberts and Rob Cowles (P)2018 Thomas Nelson

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