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The Girl's Guide to the Big Bold Moves for Career Success

Sprecher: Jessica Almasy
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 10 Min.

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Are you worried about protecting your career in this tough market?

Are you ready to get your dream job or that coveted promotion?

Are you eager to show the world everything you have to offer?

If you answered yes, to any of those questions, this book is for you!

Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio see it all the time: women derailing their careers because they believe that if they just sit quietly and work hard, someone upstairs will recognize their contribution and deliver big rewards. However, in todays ultra-competitive workplace and tough economic climate, if you want your dream job with your dream salary, and all the opportunities and fulfillment that come with it, you have to be armed with the right strategies and big, bold moves.

The Girls Guide to the Big Bold Moves for Career Success gives you everything you need to decide what you want out of your work life and to create a plan to make it happen. From negotiating a raise or a promotion to starting a new profession or finding your footing after a layoff, Friedman and Yorio provide savvy, reassuring advice on how to successfully navigate every aspect of your career. Their sure-fire tools will show you how to:

  • Sell yourself (without selling out
  • Master the secrets of the New Girls Network
  • Manage Upward to impress the right people, the right way
  • Overcome fears - from public speaking to risk-taking - that hold you back
  • Cope with workplace underminers
  • Ask for what you deserve
  • Fight the stereotypes that often keep women from moving up

Based on interviews with more than 100 successful women who have paved their own way, this must-have handbook is your ticket to taking charge of your career once and for all - and getting where you want to go.

©2008 Caitlin Friedman & Kimberly Yorio (P)2010 Audible, Inc.


“The Girl’s Guide lays out what women need to do in order to be firm, fair, and—above all—successful.” (Newsweek)

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