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    Have you ever fallen in love with someone just knew?

    Tom Alexander has no memory of his life at House in the Hills orphanage at the outskirts of Sarajevo or of his birth parents - the ones whose faces he wants to see but doesn't remember. When he receives a letter from Child Abroad, the agency that arranged his adoption in 1994, he is offered the opportunity to search for the boy he once was - Andreij Kurik - if he returns to Sarajevo. With Sulio Divjak, the driver and interpreter Tom befriends, he searches the derelict orphanage and discovers he has two siblings, one who was also at House in the Hills. Sulio uncovers a faded photograph in Andreij’s file of a girl wearing a red scarf. She looks like Ellie, the girl Tom fell in love with at first sight in a café in Regent’s Park.

    Devastated when he realizes what it could mean, Tom goes back to the UK to get some answers. Accompanied by Ellie, he returns to Sarajevo to find his birth parents, only to receive news that destroys everything he thought he knew about Tom Alexander - and Andreij Kurik. A young love forged at the height of war, a chance meeting, and a collision of faded memories and half-truths, The Girl with the Red Scarf will appeal to fans of historical and romantic fiction.

    From the author of The Other Boy, shortlisted for Richard and Judy Search for a Best Seller competition.

    ©1995 Andrea Hicks (P)2021 Andrea Hicks

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