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    From making six figures in Tech in San Francisco to caring for her terminally ill mother, Dasha awakens from her automated life and starts to question everything.

    She embarks on a journey into the great unknown.

    This journey was at times terrifying, at times beautiful, at times terrifyingly beautiful .On this journey, she faced the demons that have tormented her all her life, and instead of fighting, running, being terrified, she surrendered control.

    As she transformed her past, spending hundreds on her self-development, she began to see the little girl, a happy, innocent child who just wanted to play and laugh. She fell in love with this little girl who she never knew existed. She let go of all the expectations and found the strength to be vulnerable.

    The very moment she surrendered to Hell, she found herself in Heaven. In Heaven, she experienced the moment of complete and total stillness, complete nothingness, when the infinite energy of life crosses the boundaries of our finite bodies is what we all crave deep in our hearts but can’t find.

    This little girl found it and she takes you on the journey to realize your past and make peace with it. And from this place of peace - you can create any kind of reality you seek. Once you awaken and realize your freedom, You will literally manifest anything you desire! you will feel worthy and realize that you have come here to manifest anything you want because this life is your dream!

    ©2021 Dasha Love (P)2021 Dasha Love

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