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    The Generation Z Guide equips professionals to improve recruitment, enhance engagement, and effectively train and develop the post-Millennial generation. Born after 1998, Generation Z ranges from those entering high school, completing undergraduate college, and starting careers. Generation Z is very different than Millennials and their rapid entrance into the workforce is increasing the complexity of managing and working across generations. In fact, 62 percent of Generation Z anticipate challenges working with Baby Boomers and Generation X. Generation Z has never known a Google-free world. Growing up during the most accelerated and game-changing periods of technological advancements in history has imprinted Generation Z with new behaviors, preferences, and expectations of work, communication, leadership, and much more. The Generation Z Guide's insights are research based and the applications are marketplace tested. Learn from leading companies on how best to attract, engage, and lead Generation Z.

    ©2019 Ryan Jenkins (P)2020 Ryan Jenkins

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