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The Four-Gospel Journey as a Guide for the Spiritual Life

Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 22 Min.

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The Gospels provide a profound path for spiritual growth. You are invited to follow that path.

Through this special 18-lecture course, explore a powerful four-fold ancient pattern found throughout life, Christian worship, and many revered spiritual exercises. This pattern appears to underlie the choice of four Gospels and their sequencing into the three-year Sunday reading cycles. The four Gospels, when read through this lens, move beyond separate accounts of Jesus to become a seamless spiritual guide for daily life.

In this course the words of Scripture that we know so well come alive in fresh and enriching ways. Each Gospel is explored as the answer to one of life's four great questions, matched to the particular spiritual dilemma of the early Christian community for which that Gospel was originally written.

Follow internationally celebrated author and Catholic educator Dr. Shaia on a path to an enriching understanding of the Bible's most frequently read books as well as a deeper spiritual connection to the church's traditional seasons.

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