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The Fountain of Youth

A Phoenix Quest Adventure, Book 4
Autor: K.T. Tomb
Sprecher: Dana Lyn Baron
Serie: Phoenix Quest Adventures, Titel 4
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 14 Min.

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The legend: Two thousand years ago, Christ's crucifixion blood was spilled on the ground - from it sprang waters with miraculous powers.

In the fourth exciting novel of this treasure-hunting series, Thalia Phoenix (aka Phoe), who is an amateur archeologist, gets a call from the Vatican about a friar who disappeared while searching for the Fountain of Youth in Tibet. Then billionaire Simon Kessler again hires Phoe, this time to find the Fountain of Youth and bring back its water. In addition someone abandons a mysterious baby on Phoe's doorstep.

Phoe again teams up with her treasure-seeking friends and her brother for this two-pronged mission. A formidable team of guns, brains, and brawn, Phoe's adventurers jet off to international intrigue and danger in order to find the Fountain of Youth...and the missing Catholic historian.

However, they aren't alone on their quest. A gang of ruthless international thugs pursues Phoe and her team into a deep jungle - it becomes a race to find and possess the miraculous water from the Fountain of Youth.

When they stumble on a conundrum, Phoe faces the greatest challenge of her adventure-quest career. What she does will affect not only the lives of her team but possibly the future of humankind.

A legend. A quest. A battle between good and evil. Will Phoe prevail?

The Fountain of Youth is book four of the best-selling treasure-hunting series Phoenix Quest Adventures and is K. T. Tomb's 25th novel.

K. T. Tomb, author and archeologist, enjoys traveling the world when not writing adventure thrillers. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

©2014 K.T. Tomb (P)2015 K.T. Tomb

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