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    Another seven great sections on the foundations of marriage and family.

    • Chapter one: The Exchanged Life by Daryl Kraft - Despite how hard he tried, Daryl, a successful businessman, author, and Bible teacher, never felt he was doing enough for God. It wasn't until God revealed this simple but incredible truth that he began experiencing supernatural peace, joy and freedom from all guilt. Every believer needs to grasp this life-changing info!
    • Chapter two: How to Communicate with a Rottweiler by Dave Moore - God designed humans with pattern and order. While every one of us is absolutely unique in many ways, we are amazingly alike in others. God has hardwired into each of us one of four basic personality profiles, and Dave has dubbed them with four breeds of dogs to make them easy to remember: One of them is a Rottweiler!
    • Chapter three: Family God's Way by Josh McDowell - The family unit is under attack from all sides - even from the inside. Christian families are not exempt from external as well as internal threats. Josh boldly confronts Christians on some of the most significant issues of the family today.
    • Chapter four: Principles of a Real Christian Business by Daryl Kraft - Everyone in business needs to see this if they want to truly run their business/departments/etc. God's way.
    • Chapter five: Love Is Not a Feeling by Josh McDowell - Josh spoke with his bride of some 40 years in the audience-what a stitch! His message on love, romance, and keys to longevity, often humorous but often pointed, made this a fun presentation for all.
    • Chapter six: Perfected Forever by Paul Van Noy - This change-your-life explanation of what took place on Calvary is doctrinally sound, yet rarely taught in churches today.
    • Chapter seven: Failure, Forgiveness and Your Future by Dave Moore - This is a great outline for any and everyone who is a sinner, saved by grace and desiring God's best even after a nasty crash!
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