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    An epic BBC radio adaptation of John Galsworthy's complete Forsyte Chronicles, narrated by Dirk Bogarde and with an all-star cast.

    First broadcast in 1990, this monumental adaptation of John Galsworthy's Nobel Prize-winning novel series was a radio event. It was the most expensive drama serial ever produced, featured one of the biggest, most star-studded casts and dominated the Radio 4 schedules for more than five months, attracting more than a million listeners each week. Comprising all nine books in Galsworthy's Forsyte Chronicles, it spans 50 years - from 1886 to 1936 - and tells the irresistible story of an upper-class dynasty torn apart by a terrible feud.

    Wealthy, privileged and successful, the Forsytes seem to have it all. But the disastrous marriage of Irene and Soames Forsyte, and the dire consequences of one night and the next foggy day, are to split the family for generations. As the sins of the father are visited upon the children, the younger Forsytes - from Soames' daughter Fleur to her cousin Dinny Cherrell - find themselves doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past as they experience both the pain and the promise of love. Beset by emotional disasters, domestic dramas and society scandals, can the various members of this sprawling family ever find lasting happiness?

    This sweeping tale of passion, power and money stars a host of outstanding actors, including Dirk Bogarde, Alan Howard, Michael Hordern, Diana Quick, Michael Williams, Maurice Denham, Amanda Redman and Sophie Thompson.

    Cast and credits

    Written by John Galsworthy

    The Forsyte Chronicles:

    Galsworthy - Dirk Bogarde

    Old Jolyon - Michael Hordern

    Soames Forsyte - Alan Howard

    Irene - Diana Quick

    Young Jolyon - Michael Williams

    James - Maurice Denham

    Aunt Ann - Fabia Drake

    Aunt Hester - Rachel Kempson

    Aunt Juley - Renee Asherson

    June - Angela Pleasence

    Philip Bosinney - Michael Cochrane

    Swithin - David March

    Roger/Justice Bentham/Sir Luke Sharman/Adrian Cherrell - John Moffatt

    George/Monsieur Profond - Christopher Good

    Nicholas - John Gabriel

    Emily - Maxine Audley

    Winifred - Fiona Walker

    Montague Dartie/Elderson - Donald Gee

    Francie - Susan Sheridan

    Mrs Macander/Mme Lamotte/Smither/American woman - Jo Kendall

    Young Chankery - Charles Simpson

    Waterbuck, QC/Timothy/Mr Settlewhite/Hilary Cherrell - David King

    Annette - Shelley Thompson

    Holly - Elizabeth Mansfield

    Val - Dale Rapley

    Jolly - Paul Downing

    Dreamer/Francis/Francis Wilmot/Hubert Cherrell - Simon Treves

    Polteed/Gradman/Cuthbert Mothergil/Editor/Foskisson/Blore - Brian Miller

    Doctor/Lord Charles Ferrar/Lionel Cherrell/Neil Wintney/Mr Instone - James Greene

    Fleur - Amanda Redman

    Other cast: Gary Cady, Gary Bond, Tara Dominick, Vincent Brimble, Nicholas Gilbrook, Sue Broomfield, Paul Daneman, Philip Sully, Stephen Garlick, John Bull, Danny Schiller, Belinda Lang, Jack May, Ben Onwukwe, David Bannerman, Ian Lindsay, Stuart McGuigan, Michael Kilgarriff, Catherine Furshpan, Christopher Scott, Garard Green, Mary Allen, Sophie Thompson, Dorothy Tutin, Peter Marinker, Moir Leslie, Danielle Allan, Paul Rattigan, Jack Klaff, Lois Burgess, Miranda Foster, Peter Howell, Aubrey Woods, Jody McDonald, James Warwick, David Yelland, Matthew Solon, Elizabeth Kelly, William Wortley, Henry Power, Leonard Fenton, Jenny Howe and Nigel Carrington

    Dramatised by David Spenser, Shirley Gee and Elspeth Sandys

    Directed by Janet Whitaker, Anthony Cornish and Sue Wilson

    Series producer: Janet Whitaker

    Pianist: Mary Nash

    First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 29th September 1990-2nd March 1991

    ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd


    "Hallmarked with elegance and craftsmanship." (The Evening Standard)

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