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    Never waste another digital marketing dollar again (while growing your business faster than ever)!

    The Forecaster Method is the proven system to accurately evaluate, forecast, and scale your digital marketing. Learn the secret method used by digital masterminds to market (and grow) multi-million dollar businesses without wasting a penny. With The Forecaster Method, you'll be able to cut your marketing budget, while simultaneously improving results and reinvesting in the areas that matter.

    What you will learn:

    • Bring dollars online from traditional media with confidence!
    • Accurately forecast and scale your digital marketing
    • Establish goals and hit them while reducing costs
    • Establish executive-level reporting and Key Performance Indicators
    • Set the right overall marketing budget based on a real model
    • Find new opportunities and phase out poor performers
    • Create a diversified portfolio of traffic
    • Set business revenue targets and hit them
    • Learn how to convert your traffic for less
    • Learn how to build audiences and market to them over time
    • Learn how much you should be spending on marketing
    • Get access to real industry studies that show benchmark data
    • Get key insight into what a large digital marketing program looks like
    • And more!...

    With hundreds of ways to spend your money in digital today, now is the most important time for this new system to be released.

    Welcome to the Forecaster Method, your guide to transitioning more marketing dollars online from offline, structuring your approach, properly using a performance-based model, and using clear data to scale and forecast digital marketing results. This book will also show you the perfect digital marketing mix for most businesses moving into 2020 and beyond.

    If you are a CMO, business owner, or digital marketer (or perhaps aspire to be in positions such as these) of a million or even billion-dollar company, consider this book your new framework for measuring success and building a sustainable digital marketing model.

    As a large company you are competing with the smartest minds in the business, many of which are nimbler in performance-based marketing.

    It is critical you understand how to test, measure, and prove results as well as scale your online marketing. It is no longer the same marketing mix as it was a few years ago. Digital marketing has exploded and there are so many new ways to advertise it is almost impossible to keep up with.

    The key to success is following a methodical digital marketing process. The Forecaster Method is a system which allows you to manage your digital marketing like a financial portfolio. It allows you to identify your most profitable advertising accurately, scale your best assets, improve your worst and create a diversified stream of new business driving online digital marketing

    By the end of this book, you will know what that process is and how to run a multi-million-dollar digital marketing program.

    This is one book you have to listen to. Get The Forecaster Method today!

    ©2019 John Lincoln (P)2020 John Lincoln

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