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    You have done the hard work. You have attracted her enough to get her number and arrange to go on a date. What happens over that single hour of your life can be the start of an amazing sexual adventure or simply the abrupt end of what might have been.

    All too often guys go home after a date thinking that they have hit a home run, only to get frustrated and confused when they never hear from the girl again. In this book, I will tell you why this happens and how you ensure it never happens to you again.

    You are about to discover the seven things you must always do on a first date - plus, just as important, the five biggest mistakes guys make. Unless you know about these common trapdoors, you are going to repel your date faster than you ever dreamed possible.

    Most men are hopeless at first dates because our brains are wired differently than women's. To leave women desperate to see you again, you have to become a master at understanding what women want.

    Make no mistake: The first date is a giant test! Do not even think about going on another date until you learn the secrets of being a first date ninja.


    • The best way to make a powerful first impression
    • How to control the conversation
    • Three ways to avoid awkward silence
    • How to build attraction
    • The five things that men do that women hate
    • How to escalate to kissing and sex
    • What to do after the date

    ©2003, 2015 (P)2015

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