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    What if all humanity’s fears were unleashed on the world...all at once?

    A series of cataclysmic events are felt around the globe, and throughout the United States the last vestiges of society band together in rag-tag groups to face off against the ghastly horrors of their shattered world.

    Opposing them is the enigmatic Adam Sigil - a man seemingly able to inflict others with his own darkest fears - and his equally mysterious companion Jelnik. As the world slips into darkness, the survivors of the onslaught struggle with the new normal of their now-dystopian lives amid ongoing skirmishes with mankind’s nightmares. With devastation and atrocities continuing to escalate, and hysteria threatening to rip their tenuous society apart, they find themselves on a collision course with this malevolent duo, headed toward a terrifying showdown that could ultimately signal the end of humanity.

    Multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominated author John F.D. Taff’s sprawling, apocalyptic epic The Fearing was called “the event of the year” when it was originally released as four stand-alone novellas: Fire & Rain, Water & Wind, Air & Dust, and Earth & Ember. Now, here for the first time, all four parts have finally come together with an altered timeline in this collected edition of The Fearing.

    Includes a special introduction from a Grand Master of Horror, the esteemed Ray Garton, author of Ravenous, Live Girls, and many more novels.

    ©2021 John F. D. Taff (P)2021 Spoken Realms

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