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    A collection of radio readings of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s fiction – plus two bonus programmes.

    Over the years the BBC has broadcast readings of many of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels, novellas and short stories. This collection includes some of his most famous works alongside various lesser-known tales, including three ‘lost stories’ (first published in 2017 and with an introduction written by editor Anne Margaret Daniel).

    Contents and track listing:
    Track 1-10 - The Great Gatsby - read by Sam Robards
    Track 11 - The Diamond as Big as the Ritz - read by Garrick Hagon
    Track 12-31 - Tender is the Night - read by Kenneth Haigh
    Track 32-34 - Babylon Revisited - read by Stuart Milligan
    Track 35-36 - The Sensible Thing - read by Stuart Milligan
    Track 37 - Bernice Bobs Her Hair - read by Laurel Lefkow
    Track 38 - Financing Finnegan - read by John Sharian
    Track 39 - The Smilers - read by John Sharian
    Track 40 - An Alcoholic Case - read by John Sharian
    Track 41 - Three Hours Between Planes - read by John Sharian
    Track 42 - Pat Hobby’s Secret - read by Ed Bishop
    Track 43 - Pat Hobby: Teamed with Genius - read by Ed Bishop
    Track 44 - Pat Hobby and Orson Welles - read by Ed Bishop
    Track 45 - Pat Hobby: The Homes of the Stars - read by Ed Bishop
    Track 46-47 - Thank You for the Light - read by Karen Bartke, with an introduction read by Laurel Lefkow
    Track 48 - The Couple - read by Finn den Hertog
    Track 49 - Salute to Lucy and Elsie - read by Stuart Milligan

    Also included are The Great Gatsby Letters (track 50), in which F. Scott Fitzgerald tells his editor about his hopes and fears for his new novel, and The Beautiful and the Damned: A Portrait of F. Scott Fitzgerald (track 51), featuring Ed Bishop and Sarah Keller as Fitzgerald and Zelda.  

    Please note: some of the language in this recording reflects the era in which it was first broadcast.   

    ©2018 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2018 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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