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    Meet the indomitable lady detective Loveday Brooke. Able to assume a multitude of disguises and possessed of analytical powers rivaling those of the great Sherlock Holmes, she masters every baffling situation and solves each perplexing crime in these seven atmospheric and entertaining Victorian mysteries. 

    While Holmes dominated the pages of The Strand, Loveday entertained fans of The Ludgate Monthly, employing her intuitive powers to unravel the connection between a jewel theft and a suicide note, to detect the reasons for the furtive behavior among members of a religious sisterhood, and to reveal the hidden truth in other intriguing cases.


    Narrator - Josh Innerst

    Loveday Brooke - Amber Hegarty

    Ebenezer Dyer - Graham Scott

    Griffiths - Max Gallo

    Mr. Craven - Jeff Moon

    Clampe - Rob Goll

    Inspector Gunning - Lance Rasmussen

    Mrs. Williams - Elizabeth Klett

    Ramsay - Tyler Hyrchuk

    Mrs. Greenhow - Lillian Rachel

    Clerk - Tom Saer

    Mrs. Druce - Amanda Friday

    Princess - Sydnee Fullmer

    Audio edited by Jeff Moon

    Public Domain (P)2021 The Online Stage

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