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    Who's causing difficulties in your life?   

    The short answer to that question is, you are! And it may surprise you that this is really good news.   

    Why is it good news? Because the reason you are constantly creating difficulties for yourself is that you don't know how you are doing it or why. Now you can not only understand the cause of your problems, you can know what to do to stop creating them. The best part is, it's easy!   

    In The Easiest Way to Live, you will find the keys to becoming your true self, being in harmony with life and pure in heart, which is a state of essential clarity. You will discover that most of the challenges you face are caused by past patterns and memories that keep replaying in your subconscious and block you from being who you really are. You will find that no problems exist outside of you, and since they are inside of you, you have the ability to take 100 percent responsibility for them and neutralize them.  

    These truths and techniques are ancient secrets of Ho'oponopono . They are as relevant and applicable today as they were centuries ago. Knowing and applying them is truly the easiest way to live a joyful, abundant, and eminently fulfilling life.

    ©2011 Mabel Katz (P)2019 Mabel Katz

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