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    Broke, in debt, cursed, and now someone is after her. What else could go wrong?

    Life never has been kind to Polly Shields. Hard work doesn’t pay the bills anymore. She feels like she’s swimming against an oncoming tide. She is tired. 

    Why do things always fall apart just when it seems they are coming together. It’s like she’s cursed. 

    It’s better not to start something with her handsome neighbor Gilbert. It probably wouldn’t last long anyway. If she only knew about her secret royal heritage and how it could change her life forever. 

    Gilbert West, an incredibly sexy and world-famous neurosurgeon, left his dragon clan, years ago. He needs to find a cure for the curse that plagues the royal family. No matter what. But then, he is sent to secretly protect the royal family’s missing beautiful queen daughter, who is oblivious to her heritage.

    He needs to slowly introduce her to the truth, that’s for sure. But suddenly, the king takes a bad turn. Now, they have a month to unlock her dragon, or she will fall to the same disease that is killing her father. 

    What makes it worse is someone is after her. Someone who wants to prevent her from ever returning to her clan.

    Author's note: This is a stand-alone paranormal romance story with HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains mature themes and language and is intended for 18+ listeners only.

    ©2019 Jasmine Wylder (P)2020 Jasmine Wylder

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