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The Digital Nomad Blueprint

How to Become a Digital Nomad
Sprecher: Salvador Briggman
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Can you actually become a digital nomad?

Can you really achieve location independence, travel the world, and work from anywhere?

Yes, and now is the best time to do it. There is a window of opportunity (and who knows how long it will be open for).

I started my location-independent business back in 2012 and I've been traveling the world, going to exotic locations like Chang Mai, Thailand, Medellin, Colombia, and even areas off the beaten path, like El Tunco, El Salvador.

Over the last eight years, I've deconstructed the digital nomad lifestyle into a science. I've broken down step-by-step how to earn income, travel around the world, meet cool people, and what's more, do it legally (haha).

While enjoying the laptop lifestyle, I also noticed that it comes with its own set of problems.

As I got older, I started to wonder about things like:

  • Health insurance
  • Paying taxes
  • Long term visa requirements
  • Safety and security

I put together this digital nomad framework so that you can hit the ground running. Rather than waiting years to pursue your dream, you can get started within the course of 60 days!

These are practical and powerful strategies to immediately see progress towards this dream. It's a surefire formula for earning a location-independent income online, along with some freshly minted insights into the best places to travel around the world as a digital nomad.

I've broken this entire system down into three major components:

  • I: Income independence - earn income anywhere
  • L: Location selection - choose the best digital nomad hub for your needs
  • L: Lifestyle mastery - knowing how to make friends, safeguard your health, and more

You'll gain profound clarity once you get your hands on these resources, which I deliver in an easy-to-digest bite-sized manner.

How many years have you already wasted dreaming about the digital nomad lifestyle?

©2020 Salvador Briggman (P)2020 Salvador Briggman

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