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    The Devil’s Disciple is the first installment of a trilogy, Three Plays for Puritans, which followed Shaw’s earlier dramatic collections, Plays Pleasant and Plays Unpleasant.

    The action is set during the American war of Independence. Richard Dudgeon, who has become an outcast from his puritanical family due to his religious apostasy, returns home on the death of his father. Much to everyone’s surprise, it is revealed that the father changed his will shortly before his death and has left the bulk of the estate to Richard. Now that he is lord of the manor, Richard asserts himself and declares his opposition to the colonial British authorities. Later, he is arrested by the British and sentenced to death but is rescued in the nick of time by a local militia commanded by Anthony Anderson, who, ironically, is a pastor.


    Narrator - Alan Weyman 

    Mrs. Dudgeon - Elizabeth Klett

    Essie - Grace Garrett

    Christy Dudgeon and Chaplain - Andy Harrington

    Anthony Anderson - Jeff Moon

    Judith Anderson - Amanda Friday

    Uncle William Dudgeon and General Burgoyne - Ron Altman

    Uncle Titus Dudgeon and Major Swindon - Chris Marcellus

    Richard Dudgeon - Ted Wenskus

    Hawkins and the Sergeant - Russell Gold

    Audio edited by Denis Daly

    Public Domain (P)2020 The Online Stage

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