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    From the pen of Amazon Kindle number one best-selling Western writer Ben Bridges comes....

    The Deadly Dollars

    A mad-dog killer running loose up in the Rockies…a bank robbery that ended in death…a fortune in stolen greenbacks…and three hanged men swaying gently in the breeze....

    They were all elements in a bizarre mystery the likes of which professional adventurer Carter O’Brien had never encountered before.

    Up until a hidden sniper damn near killed him, all he’d wanted was to ride on to his next job in nearby Jackson’s Peak, but it looked like somebody else had other ideas.

    Suddenly he was up to his neck in something deadly. Why had people started dying all around him? Who was the bushwhacker and his sinister Oriental sidekick? And why had they picked on him?

    Almost before he knew it, O’Brien found himself riding a dangerous trail of deadly dollars in order to find the answers. Too bad he didn’t know he was being watched every step of the way....

    "Not just an excellent western, but a real conundrum of a mystery that I defy anyone to solve!" (Mike Stotter, author of McKinney's Revenge and Death in the Canyon)

    ©1988, 2020 David Whitehead (P)2020 David Whitehead

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