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    From the author of the best-selling Extinction Point series

    "Where has everyone gone?"

    That's the question 15-year-old Annabelle 'Birdy' Finch is asking. As a 100-year storm descends on Los Angeles, Birdy's not the only one looking for answers to the city's vanishing population.

    A wheelchair-bound Army veteran watches the world from his apartment window, and what he sees terrifies him.

    An LA detective has two missing patrol cops, a bloody crime scene, but no bodies. A desperate mother will stop at nothing in her search to find her missing daughter.

    But the storm provides the perfect cover for an even greater threat; an ancient and terrible evil that stalks the city's residents, mercilessly hunting them within their homes. Together, the survivors must fight to escape their drowning city and the creatures that now roam its streets under the cover of perpetual darkness.

    ©2016 Paul Antony Jones (P)2017 Paul Antony Jones

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