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The Dark Side of the Game

My Life in the NFL
Autor: Tim Green
Sprecher: Tim Green
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 32 Min.

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Tim Green gives us a realistic peek underneath the glitter and glory that we see each Sunday watching televised NFL games. Understand an environment where even the best players have to deal with such insecurities as knowing they are only as good as their last game, and there is always someone younger, bigger, and faster just waiting to take their place. Imagine the game so bruising and physically abusing that getting up on Monday morning your body feels as if it had been involved in a car crash which completed totaled the vehicle, only imagine doing it 20 weeks in a row. It's no wonder that some players secretly don't mind when their team misses the playoffs and their own healing can begin a little earlier. (Tony, Senior Director of Finance)


Even the most avid football fans don't know what goes on behind the locker room doors. Now, 8-year NFL veteran Tim Green takes you behind the scenes for an insider's view of the game, complete with all of the humor, the pathos, the horror, and the wonder of the NFL experience. He shares some of the day-to-day details of life in the NFL that will captivate any fan, including the antics of Deion Sanders and why the Super Bowl is always a bore. He also doesn't hesitate to examine the game's troubling problems such as racism, steroids, AIDS, and gambling. His account provides a unique and compelling look underneath professional football's padding.
©1996 Tim Green, All Rights Reserved, Abridgment Approved by the Author (P)1996 Time Warner AudioBooks, © 1996 Time Warner AudioBooks (Packaging Rights Only), A Division of Time Warner Trade Publishing

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