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The Dancing Easter Lilies

Sprecher: Linda LongCrane
Spieldauer: 17 Min.

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God and his son Jesus Christ made a very hard decision to try and restore faith in the world. Jesus came to earth and restored faith in humanity. This made God proud. Over time, Jesus had many followers. This made a king very nervous. He ordered the execution of Jesus. The crowd chanted "Crucify him" over and over again. Jesus hung six hours on the old rugged cross for everyone so that God would allow the human race the opportunity for forgiveness of their sins; so that they may enter into the kingdom of Heaven. They both did not want to forsake humanity. God gave his son a very special gift when he arose from the dead. Oscar and his family were created to show the world that God recognized his son's crucifixion in hopes that we all remember what was done for all of us and how much they both actually love all of us.

©2012 America Star Books and Misty Lynn Wesley (P)2014 Misty L Wesley


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