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    Two thousand years ago, Christ was mocked during the crucifixion with a painful crown of thorns. Fast forward to modern day where Khassima, a former betrayer of one of God's chosen, saves the life of Achava, the only protector of Israel. Now, Khassima and Achava seek the Crown of Christ. Meanwhile, Sam Godfrey, an archeologist, goes on an international search for Aharon Malka with Anthea, Achava's archrival half-sister. Aharon may be the key to finding the crown. Or, he may just want it for himself. Sam needs Anthea's help, but can he trust her? Though Sam's heart was broken by Achava on the quest for the Fleece of Gideon, seeing her again stirs up old conflicts as the small group goes on an exciting quest for this fourth artifact. Each member of the team has their own motive for finding the Crown of Christ, and not everyone has an altruistic agenda. The Crown of Christ may be the most dangerous artifact in Biblical history. If they do find it, who among them will be worthy to claim it? And who will survive?

    ©2015 Verna Hargrove (P)2015 Verna Hargrove

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