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What would you do to survive? If you are a criminal the answer to that is any and everything. On the streets there are no rules, no love, and no loyalty. Whom can you trust? Some people think the answer to that is nobody....

In The Crime Compilation you'll listen to two stories of street hustlers and their lives of crime.

Book 1: Hit Squad

Business is good for Kenny and Clay, two hit men who've worked the trap for years. They have cleaned up any “problem” in the way of their boss’ massive operation. Business is going good, real good. But there is one problem: One of them is developing a conscience.

Can a man who kills for a living continue to operate knowing the consequences of his actions? Or will he have to deal with the life that he’s chosen? 

Book 2: Think Like a Hustler

Kevin Richards, a young day to day hustler in the streets of Baltimore, must do anything and everything to make sure he eats. The world of hustling is unforgiving, and one small slip could cost him everything.

An interesting proposition comes across Kevin's table. If he takes this job he'll come up in a major way. The only problem? He might not leave alive. What will Kevin do? How will Kevin manage this life changing opportunity?

©2015 Desean Rambo (P)2019 Desean Rambo

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