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    Quintessential quarantine quips! 

    The Coronavirus Bible is what happens when a bunch of Christian comedians get together (virtually) during quarantine to raise money to support those in need.

    Containing satirical COVID-19 takes on more than 60 beloved Bible stories and parables, including:

    • Genesis 11 - The Tower of Toilet Rolls
    • Psalm 23 - The Lord Is My Sales Assistant
    • John 2 - Jesus Turns Water into Hand Sanitizer
    • Luke 10 - The Parable of the Social Distancing Samaritan
    • John 6 - Jesus Turns 5 Toilet Rolls into 5,000
    • Ephesians 6 - Put on the PPE of God

    This coronavirus comedy bible will not only raise a laugh, but also raise funds to help those in need. And since laughter is also good medicine, you’ll be helping yourself, too. Honest.

    ©2020 John Spencer (P)2020 John Spencer

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