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  • The Coping with Stress and Anxiety System

  • Geschrieben von: Randy Gilchrist
  • Gesprochen von: Tom Taverna
  • Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 47 Min.

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    These resources can help in multiple ways, some promote more physical relief, whereas others promote more psychological and emotional relief. This is a process of trial and error: if one choice doesn't work for you, choose another, perhaps from another category. Just use the ones you find helpful. These techniques are divided into three sets of 10 based upon the primary manner each helps relieve stress and anxiety. Accordingly, adaptation intervention help you better adjust or accommodate to stress and anxiety; absorbing interventions are preventative efforts to help you delay the onset of symptoms and reduce symptom intensity; management interventions help you directly remove or modify the power of the challenge(s) you are currently facing.

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