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    Have you ever worked someplace where you love the work, but the environment was terrible? The Consummate Communicator: Character Traits of True Professionals is a business fable designed to share fundamental behaviors that improve working environments. 

    These character traits provide a guide for how to interact in the workplace, whether in the military, private sector, or nonprofit. The traits were developed by Adm. James Stavridis, USN (Ret.), the inspiration behind the main character Jay Admiral.

    Newly appointed CEO of Regional Bank, Jay Admiral is faced with the challenge of changing the culture of a struggling company that is using outdated methods and not keeping up with customer demands. Jay brings his unique style of communications and professionalism to the organization, creating change by challenging the status quo. On this journey with Jay, you will learn how to apply the character traits of true professionals and hold true to core values.

    ©2020 Amy S. Hamilton (P)2020 Amy S. Hamilton

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