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  • The Complete Guide to Poochons

  • Choosing, Training, Feeding, Socializing, and Loving Your New Poochon (Bichon Poo) Puppy
  • Geschrieben von: Candace Darnforth
  • Gesprochen von: Kristen Kallen-Keck
  • Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 38 Min.
  • Ungekürztes Hörbuch

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    Written by author Candace Darnforth and using help and input from dozens of Poochon owners, this truly is a complete guide to the Poochon!

    Poochons are one of the 10 most popular designer dogs today, and here, at last, is a book that does them justice! They are praised for their loyal, playful, and cuddly personality, even into their golden years. Their loving nature makes them the ideal pet for first-time and veteran pet owners. This book will enrich you and your dog’s life together and will help you to care for him from day one. From the first to the last wordin this book, you will discover how to navigate all aspects of your Poochon’s life - from puppy to old age and everything in between. The Complete Guide of Poochons will answer all of your questions - and many you might not even have thought of. The Complete Guide to Poochons teaches you:    

    • How to train your Poochon with love.    
    • Solutions to common puppy behavior problems, such as barking, biting, chewing, and aggression.    
    • How to make potty training as quick, and as easy as possible.    
    • Why and how to crate train your Poochon.    
    • When and how to socialize your dog.    
    • How to meet your dog’s nutritional needs throughout his entire life.   
    • Feeding, grooming, and health care.

    The Complete Guide to Poochons is a must-listenfor new pet owners everywhere! It is a goldmine of practical information, plus tips and tricks that will enrich your life and that of your Poochon.

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