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  • The Complete Guide to Bloodhounds

  • Finding, Raising, Feeding, Nose Work and Tracking Training, Exercising, and Loving Your New Bloodhound Puppy
  • Von: Kevin Stueber
  • Gesprochen von: Jeff Blair
  • Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 8 Min.
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    “This is a wonderful book for new, as well as seasoned, bloodhound owners. It is full of information from experienced owners and breeders that is sure to answer almost any questions one might have when becoming an owner of one of these amazing dogs. I give one to every new puppy owner in with their puppy care package when picking up their newest member of their family.” (Nancy Boerner, owner of Boerner’s Bloodhounds)

    The Complete Guide to Bloodhounds book is a great read for the lovers of bloodhounds. This very detailed book has tons of ‘must-know’ information that is extremely helpful in understanding the bloodhound breed, making it much easier to know what to expect from him or her, and the care necessary for this breed.” (Kim Dillon, owner of Sandstone Kennels) 

    When I bought my first bloodhound, I asked the breeder if there were any crucial items I should buy for my dog. Her answer caught me by surprise. Without hesitation, she replied, "you're going to need two mops: one for the floor and one for the walls."  

    Their iconic look, sound and ability to track scents all make the Bloodhound stand out amongst the rest. Their natural aptitude for following a scent is so reliable; it can even be used in court. When these dogs aren't helping law enforcement solve cases, their gentle disposition is also used for therapy and rehabilitation. In all, these wonderful dogs are not only a joy to own but are undeniable in their abilities to help humans. 

    This guide will walk you through the in's and out's of owning this phenomenal breed. Whether you're someone playing with the idea of getting a bloodhound, or have already embarked on your journey with your pup, this guide will offer an insight into how to create a happy and fulfilling life for you and your bloodhound. This book will answer all your questions such as:

    • Is a bloodhound the right dog for me?
    • I brought my bloodhound home. What now?
    • How can I best train my bloodhound?
    • What are some common mistakes should I avoid?

    Covering everything from specific breed traits, to training, to old age and end of life care, this guide will walk you through what you and your dog need to be happy and healthy. Owning this breed can come with its own set of joys and frustrations, and this definitive guide will let you know you're not alone. It's okay to be frustrated at times with this hard-headed breed, because the rewards of owning one are well worth the struggle. 

    Topics covered in the book include:

    • Bloodhounds - A History and Description of the Breed 
    • Special Considerations and Special Needs 
    • Making Sure Your Home Is Suitable for a Bloodhound 
    • Choosing the Perfect Bloodhound for Your Lifestyle 
    • Starting the Journey - Start Strong with Your Pup!
    • The Joys and Frustrations of Having a Fur Toddler 
    • Getting Them to “Go” When and Where You Want 
    • Making Friends. Both Human and Canine 
    • Bringing the Wild into Your Home: A Pack of Your Own 
    • Exercise: Your Bloodhound’s Best Friend 
    • Basic Household Training 
    • Basic Commands 
    • Advanced Training: Using Your Bloodhound’s Nose 
    • Identifying and Correcting Bad Behaviors 
    • Vacation: to Take Your Bloodhound or Leave Them at Home 
    • Nutrition 
    • Grooming Your Bloodhound 
    • Basic Health Care 
    • Bloodhound Specific Health 
    • Long and Full Lives: How to Love and How to Say Good-Bye 

    So, if having an enormous, hard-headed drool monster sounds appealing to you, get a Bloodhound. They are a special breed and require a truly special and patient owner. This book will help you decide if you are ready to take on the challenge of having one and will tell you everything you need to know about these gentle giants.  

    Mops sold separately.

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