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    Narrator Adrian Mulraney will remind listeners of a professor who doesn't need to raise his voice to hold his students' attention. His deep voice is authoritative but warm, and listeners will find themselves quickly absorbed by Merrilyn Thomas' exposé of the reality behind the war between capitalism and communism. Using evidence from recently-opened archives, Thomas reveals the layers of complexity behind the Cold War - a drawn-out battle that was fought by intelligence agencies, propaganda, and covert agents - and in the process, explores and assesses its legacy today.


    For nearly half a century the world was divided in two, wrenched apart by superpowers that perceived the nations of the world only as either capitalist or communist. The Cold War was a battle not of weapons but rather of minds, fought by intelligence agencies, propaganda and covert government envoys. Using evidence from newly opened archives, Merrilyn Thomas peels back layers of deception and intrigue to dispel the myths of the Cold War. From the power of Mao’s Little Red Book to the menace of nuclear annihilation, this compelling account brings to life one of history’s most contentious periods, the legacy of which still haunts us today.
    ©2009 Merrilyn Thomas (P)2012 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

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