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The Closer's 21 Proven Secrets to Close More Wholesale Deals in 30 Days with No Sales Experience

Autor: Tony Robinson
Sprecher: Tony Robinson Jr.
Spieldauer: 52 Min.

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Imagine this: You're face-to-face with a motivated seller. You thought they wanted to sell their house to you...but now that you are sitting across the table from them, they won't budge. Why not? If you are a real estate investor, perhaps this has happened to you (just as it has happened to nearly every other investor, too). The truth is: Most investors get stuck when talking to a seller, and they struggle with closing the deal. That's where Tony "The Closer" Robinson can help.

Tony is called "The Closer" because of his ability to close sellers simply and efficiently using skills he learned...and skills he teaches other people, too. Tony has dedicated his life to helping investors learn the secrets to closing more deals...even if they have zero sales experience!

In this audiobook, real estate investors will learn the 21 secrets that Tony uses to close more deals than most investors ever dream of closing. His secrets include:

  • How he shifted his mind-set to master sales and how you can do the same
  • The right way to use the phone (most people do it wrong)
  • The simple yet powerful technique to overcome objections
  • The one thing most investors don't do (which virtually guarantees they'll lose the deal)
  • His "million-dollar strategies" for investors to follow step-by-step

Tony has used these strategies to close more than 1,000 deals, and he still uses them every single day. How many more deals will you close when you've learned these secrets? 

You do not have to be born with sales skills, nor do you need any sales training or experience. Simply listen to a copy of Tony's audiobook right now and discover his 21 proven secrets to close more motivated sellers than ever before!

©2019 Tony Robinson Jr (P)2019 Tony Robinson Jr


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