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    From Cap'n Larry Jarboe: Many people ask how is it possible to catch so many fish in a morning or afternoon of fishing. My answer is simple. While most people focus on fishing, I concentrate on catching. There are two major things to know if you want to catch a mess of fish: when to fish and where to fish. In the short stories herein which are pure fiction, any resemblance to any persons is merely coincidental. No persons, living or dead, are represented in these articles unless the story is nonfiction, except in the case of the stories of St. George's Island breaking away from the mainland - if anyone believes that nonsense they need their heads examined. Any and all politicians mentioned here should take their inclusion as a complement except when they were compared with a snake and in all such cases we apologize to the snake. In the case of the various fishing stories, they are all true with the exception of the ones which are invented, falsified and the result of wild conjuring. All persons who venture into these pages without a sense of humor or who are politically correct are warned to leave at once without venturing past this severe admonition or risk being keel-hauled.

    ©1988-2014 Lawrence D. Jarboe (P)2014 Lawrence D. Jarboe

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