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    I've been taking care of my little sister for a long time. When Mom was gone, she suddenly became my responsibility. The best years of my life were spent being a caretaker to someone else...with no one to take care of me.

    So I moved to Paris for my study abroad program and ended up staying, getting a French literature degree, studying the classics while sipping the best wine I'd ever had.

    My sister never makes the best decisions, always makes messes to clean up, and it's finally time for me to have my own life.

    But when she comes to Paris for a visit...she brings trouble with her.

    She gets herself into a bad situation, and, of course, I come to her I always do.

    Now we're in a labor camp in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by endless snow and mountains, processing drugs for a group of men who never show their faces. There's no chance of escape in this wilderness.

    Except for my guard.

    He's not a saint, but he's the only man who's kind to me. He knows I want to escape, but he never reports me. When I've had a hard day, he brings me extra things to make my life easier. He tells me not to run because I'll never make it...but he brings me little hidden if he's giving me the means.

    Like he wants me to be free.

    ©2020 Penelope Sky (P)2020 Penelope Sky

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