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International Book Award Winning Finalist

Based on a lifetime of research into shamanism, visionary states, the evolution of written communication and the roots of story-telling, award-winning author, editor, and shamanic explorer Matthew J. Pallamary takes those with open minds courageous enough to question the illusions that most of us think of as real on an expansive journey that pierces the veil of reality itself. Pallamary's in-depth analysis of human perception, shamanism, visionary states, cognitive neuroscience, plant and animal consciousness, and sacred geometry, as well as the prehistoric roots of our deepest cultural myths not only lay bare the illusory roots of what we have built our failing society on, it provides a detailed map that points the way through the non-sense hall of mirrors that we currently find ourselves trapped in.

The Center of the Universe Is Right Between Your Eyes, But Home Is Where the Heart Is, is Pallamary's 13th book, and in it he weaves a convincing tapestry that alternates threads of ancient philosophies and preserved indigenous wisdom with recent discoveries in quantum physics, psychology, and the timeless, persistent archetypes of our subconscious.

©2017 Matthew J. Pallamary (P)2019 Matthew J. Pallamary

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