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This is the tale of two incredible people - one who knows he is incredible and the other who learns to be incredible. Set in 1960 in the UK south-coast resort of Brighton, self-styled guru and magus Hugo Rune rescues a young man from drowning and persuades him to become his assistant and partner in solving 12 mysteries.

Rizla (for such is the young man’s assumed name) agrees to help as he has lost his memory and has nowhere else to go. There then follows 12 of the most baffling, surreal, exciting, head-scratching and downright far-fetched mysteries ever written...all based in and around the suburbs of Brighton.  

In between the adventures our heroes are able to enjoy the bizarre surroundings of Fangio’s pub, where the bar lord is always happy to talk some old toot and occasionally some exposition as well.  

Across the mysteries Rizla and the audience learn about the Brighton zodiac, the chronovision, time travel, centaurs, a dastardly plot where the NHS kidnap vagrants for body parts, space pirates, the real history of Victorian Britain, Brighton pirates and the fate that awaits mankind should Hugo Rune fail in his task.  

And of course, there’s a very bad man involved indeed - Hugo Rune’s archnemesis of the ages, Count Otto Black - who wants to rule the world (what else!)

©2008 Robert Rankin, Neil Gardner, Elliott Stein (P)2019 Spokenworld Audio & Ladbroke Audio Ltd

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