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The Breath of God

A Novel of the Opening of the World
Sprecher: William Dufris
Serie: Opening of the World, Titel 2
Spieldauer: 15 Std. und 18 Min.

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Beschreibung von Audible

Award-winning voice performer William Dufris engagingly narrates Breath of God, the second book in alternate history master Harry Turtledove's three-part series Opening of the World. Set during the Iron Age, Breath of God depicts the Raumsdalian Empire, formerly isolated by a glacier which is slowly retreating, revealing passages to new and unexplored lands. Dufris voices Count Hamnet Thyssen and his quick-witted companions in an easy-going manner that makes for easy listening, while Turtledove's complex narrative paints an engrossing alternative Earth replete with warlike tribes, woolly mammoths, and magic.


Once the great Glacier enclosed the Raumsdalian Empire. Now it has broken open, and Count Hamnet Thyssen faces a new world. With the wisecracking Ulric Skakki, the neighboring clan leader Trasamund (politely addressed as "Your Ferocity"), and his lover, the shaman Liv, Hamnet leads an exploration of the new territory in hopes of finding the legendary Golden Shrine.

But dangers abound. A violent and implacable group known as the Rulers has already killed many, and now they attack again. Riding deer and woolly mammoths and using powerful magic, the Rulers triumph and force the Raumsdalians to flee.

In the spring, another battle ends even more badly for Hamnet's side, but the Glacier is also retreating, so they are able to escape. Meeting a tribe whose desperate living conditions have led them to overcome the Raumsdalian taboo against eating fallen foes, they find unexpected allies. Now, returning to the capital city and its intrigues, Hamnet prepares to lead an army against the merciless Rulers. The world, once so bounded and comprehensible, will never be the same.

©2008 Harry Turtledove (P)2008 Tantor


"(Turtledove) demonstrates his versatility and considerable imagination in this fast-paced military fantasy." ( Publishers Weekly)

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