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The Black Room

Autor: John Harris
Sprecher: Robert G. Davis
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 8 Min.
Kategorien: English - Romance

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Tyler and Aiden are boyfriends living in 1950s America. They're gay and proud, but not exactly out. Most of the people in their small Ohio town know that they're more than just roommates, and most people are willing to look the other way. But that doesn't mean the two men are living in domestic bliss. There's still the bricks through their window, and drunkards looking for a fight on their front porch.

There are stresses more personal in nature in play a well. Aiden and Tyler seem to be growing bored. Their conversations are short and tense, their lovemaking purely physical. And then, an answer: The Black Room.

It's a club for people like them. A club where gay men and women can go and be themselves, without fear from the outside world. It's a club where they can drink, and dance. It's a club with a long hallway, with bedrooms on either side. Through the blue doors, you can have a private evening. Go into a bedroom with a red door however...and others may join you. Tyler and Aiden find the spice their crumbling relationship needs, but will The Black Room bring a set of brand new problems?

Disclaimer: this is a very hot and steamy book for a mature audience only.

©2016 Noah Harris (P)2017 Books Unite People

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